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By GE, Sep 9 2015 03:17PM

According to Forbes, 83% of businesses suffer from a deficit in recognition. This study is particularly important because it also found that modern recognition programs that go beyond the typical “Employee of the Month" award, help improve employee morale, quality and customer service.

Such results go hand in hand with Pioneer’s philosophy about our employees. In the past, we’ve constantly identified our success to the way we treat our employees. Tom Belge, owner and current President, reminds us that Pioneer’s employees are number one, which is why we decided to launch a modern recognition program that allows recognition among co-workers.

Needless to say, we had fantastic results -

First, we started by choosing a prize. We decided to reward a tablet to the person with the most recognition. Every week, each employee voted for their peers. Employees wrote specific actions in a recognition slip for submission; they were encouraged to submit at least three different recognitions per week. Once we collected all the slips, we counted them and read them out loud during our summer party. Here were some of our favorites:

“ I recognize Carlene for always having a smile while working her tail off at Hospira”

“I recognize Sharell for giving me a hand this morning when I was running behind”

“I recognize Jamar for being fun to work with and saying things like “Watch out! Hot load of olives coming through”

“I recognize Jeremy for giving me tips while driving the forklift so I can feel comfortable taking things out of the rack”

We were humbled and amazed to see how many compliments everyone received. And we want to encourage you to allow your team to recognize and be recognized by their peers. In return, you’ll have a highly motivated team that will strive to be more productive and have higher moral within your workforce.

By GE, Jul 21 2015 03:42PM

Do you choose your customers or do they choose you?.

You’ll be surprised to hear that it goes both ways. You, as a business owner, have the power to choose your customers.This year, we are one of the companies that was selected by the SBA to be part of the “Emerging Leaders” initiative. So far, our Vice-President, Lisa Conway, has been learning about the importance of defining your ideal customer and going after them. And we want to share this knowledge with you.

According to marketing guru John Jantsch, “You can choose to attract clients that value what you offer, view working with you as a partnership, and want you to succeed, but only if you have a picture of what the ideal client looks like”. Once you know what these customers look like, it will become a lot easier to understand the best way to communicate with them, what they value and where to find them. Bellow, you can find 5 easy steps to follow when it comes to identifying and recruiting your ideal customers. Once you master these steps, you won’t ever have to deal with customers that drain your energy.

1. Look among your current customers. The first thing you’ll need to do is to categorize and identify your best customers. Remember to take profitability as part of your criteria.

2. Find a pattern among your “best customers”. If you were to describe specific traits, what can you find in common? you might need to split them into more than one group depending on your industry.

3. Get to know them. Once you know the characteristics among your best customers, it’s time to do some research. You need to learn who they are, what they do, what they value and what is the best way to communicate with them.

4. Go get them. Now that you understand who they are and how to communicate with them, you’ll find it a lot easier to know how and where to find them. According to the book “Duct Tape Marketing”, another great way to get new customers is figuring out a referral program where your current “ideal” customers are asked to help you identify more.

5. Grow together. Now that you have identified, selected and recruited new customers, it’s time to build strong relationships that are enjoyable for both your business and your customers.

By GE, Jun 15 2015 04:04PM

Pioneer Warehousing & Distribution is really excited to congratulate our Vice-President Lisa Conway for being selected as the 2015 “Person of the Year” by the Transportation Club of Central New York.

Every year, the TCCNY gives out an award to the person who shows exemplary service by offering time and effort to improve the organization. This past May, such efforts, allowed the TCCNY to award $10,000 worth of scholarships to nineteen students in Central New York.

“For the past two years, Lisa has found the time to immerse herself in the TCCNY. She has stepped up to utilize her connections in the community in conjunction with new innovative fund raising ideas. Those ideas have been successful in increasing event profits to benefit the C W Bud Cragin Memorial Scholarship Fund program. Her enthusiasm and association with many other young business and community leaders has also helped to raise awareness of our 96 year old organization thereby increasing its membership. All of this and more is what gives me great pleasure in congratulating our P o Y, Lisa Belge Conway".

– Arlene Anderson, TCCNY President.

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS LISA and THANK YOU for being such an exemplary leader!

By guest, Mar 11 2015 05:15PM

We are happy to annouce that we will be publishing business tips, news and announcements through our blog. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts with us!

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We live to pick, pack and ship.
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