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Our Big Secret

The secret to Pioneer’s success is simple. We have a strong philosophy that taking care of our employees is number one, which in turn will benefit the customer.


Over the years we have shown our appreciation to our employees through multiple gestures.  Every Friday morning we start the day by providing our crew with breakfast pizza, doughnuts or bagels for their morning break. During the summer months from time to time, we treat everyone to lunch.  Tom likes to light up the grill and throw some hamburgers and hotdogs on for a BBQ. We also like to show our appreciation during the colder months surprising our staff with a hot cup of cocoa to warm up with and on some brisk days, a hot bowl of chili.


In August we organize the annual Pioneer picnic, Employees can invite family and friends to enjoy food, fun and games to help build camaraderie. This gives Pioneer the family atmosphere our company prides ourselves on.  


During the holiday season we celebrate Christmas time by throwing a company party where we get a chance to organize a Raffle for employees to receive holiday gifts.  We gather for dinner, drinks and fun.  This just gives us another chance to show our token of appreciation and have a great time with our employees.


Turnover rate in some businesses can be rather high.  Here at Pioneer, we have had the luxury of building continuity between our employees. Our current staff on average has been working with us for ten plus years; many of them are reaching or already have reached 20 plus years of employment. We realize that without great employees we can’t grow to be a great company.  Employees are the forefront of this business, without their help, Pioneer wouldn’t be what it is today. Selling the account is the easy part. Maintaining the accounts on a day to day basis with all the challenges and critical timelines is what sets Pioneer apart.


We take the extra step and make the effort to insure that the needs of our customers are met or exceeded. Over the years we have secured business with Fortune 500 companies like Wegmans, GE and General Motors, as well as the small guy down the street. It’s the clients big and small that helped us get to where we are today. We have created a tradition of a “Customer Appreciation Party” every year that is centered  around the Syracuse Orange basketball season.


We would like to thank our customers, vendors and especially our employees for their dedication and loyalty in helping Pioneer to succeed in today’s business climate.


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