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General Warehousing - We offer 230,000 square feet of dry warehouse space. Our facilities are pest-controlled and sanitized. Pioneer Warehouse has 16 doors, 28-foot high ceilings, 3 rail doors, large bays, racking, and 24-hour monitoring with a state-of-the-art security system. Our facilities have all the technology, equipment and tools needed to successfully manage your inventory. Pioneer additionally has 35,000 square feet of temputare controlled storage.


Contract Warehousing - What is contract warehousing? Pioneer involves itself with your distribution network by operating a warehouse within space designed for your needs. Tell us what your needs are, and we'll make it happen. We are willing to build or lease space according to your needs. Companies who take advantage of contract warehousing see an increase in flexibility, improve the cost-efficiency of your business and will reduce the cost of labor. In many cases companies have closed their warehouses altogether in favor of Pioneer’s facilities.


Fulfillment - At Pioneer we create solution for your company in fulfillment services. We understand the challenges and the importance of getting orders to your customer on-time.

Let Pioneer handle the logistics so you don’t have to. We will take care of your daily operations while you focus on your business. Let us take care of every step from the moment an order is placed to the time your product reaches your customers hands.


The ranges of fulfillment listed as followed-

Serving the City of Syracuse and the CNY area for the last 38 years.

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  • Order processing - manual order entry / CSV file uploads / XML file integration with your shopping cart or other e-commerce systems

  • Print a packaging list that is customized to your order

  • Pick / pack / ship for same-day shipping

  • Email order confirmation with you and your customer

  • Reports generated weekly / monthly / daily for inventory orders, shipped items, and more

Liquor License- Pioneer manintains New York State  liquor permits for warehousing and distribution in two locations within the Central New York region.


Cross docking - Have a shipment staying 24 to 48 hours? No problem! Pioneer will receive freight from incoming trucks, trailers or rail cars, store it on our spacious docks. After a short turnaround period Pioneer will load the freight directly on to outbound trucks, trailers or rail cars with little or no storage in between. We will handle each one of your shipments with the best care it deserves.


Pool Distribution - To help reduce the cost of shipping and transit times, Pioneer offers pool distribution, pool distribution may also be known as carpooling. This means that orders can be consolidated to fit on a truck to deliver products within a particular geographic region. This eliminates multiple LTL shipments from point-of-origin, better utilizes truckload quantities and saves you the customer time and money.


Just in Time (JIT) - Our JIT service will get rid of the excess inventory costs by implementing the right strategies to match the supply with the demand of your products. Saving time and money we get the materials to your plant, customer’s manufacturing line or warehouse right when needed.  


Reverse Logistics - Pioneer wants to make things easier for you and your customers. We can efficiently manage your merchandise from the start of the return process to the time of resell by providing the maximum recovery strategies to the most cost effective manner.


Custom Bonded- Pioneer Warehouse is  U.S Custom's certifed to hold bonded shipments while it waits for the products to be released for distribution.

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Heated Controlled Space- Within our 180,000 square foot warehouse, we feature a 35,000 square foot  area that is heated during the cold winter months. This area is perfect for those products that are cold sensitive. Medical supplies, electronics, food and and other items that may need heated storage, we have the solution for you.